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Eli Fox
I have worked with a variety of social media partners in the past and none have fared to Stellar Media Agency!! For them it is not about the monthly payment, they truly want to see the brand grow and for that I Thank You! They are professional but more importantly Fran and the team our quality people who put heart, soul and, effort into their work. They have become less of an agency and more family. They are an integral role for our business and have gone above and beyond the scope of work. They have successfully put my brand image/perspective on social media and continue to impress with their strategic partnerships and ability to wisely maneuver an ever changing social landscape. I was hesitant to review because I didn't want to share this gem. If you are looking for social media management I HIGHLY recommend Stellar and will continue to use them.

Gail Gensler
My journey to find a social media agent began in 2019. I met the owner of Stellar Media Agency in early 2020 at a fitness event that she was covering for a client. I knew immediately that this was the right person. Time has shown me that my choice was 100% correct. Francesca Perini is not only a lovely, intelligent and educated woman, but her professionalism, work ethic, drive and talent has helped put me on the path to realize my dreams, goals and vision. Francesca is  a talented photographer and knows her business inside and out. Having a boutique agency is the perfect partner for me, and I would (and have) recommend Stellar Media Agency highly.

Gwen Gottlieb
I have been working with Francesca, the founder of Stellar Media Agency for about two years. She, as well as her team, are nothing short of outstanding! Don’t know what I would do without them. Whether it’s content in terms of photos, videos, writing… they do it all. Especially love the attention to detail. Everything is always perfect. Highly recommend.

Katie Ceravolo
Finding someone who truly supports your business and can keep up with the latest social media trends is no easy task. Stellar Media Agency takes professionalism, care, and hard work to a whole new level. This full-service agency is the perfect mix of success and passion all in one. Francesca builds your company up in every way possible. From delivering creative social media campaigns to the highest level of content to exceptional customer service, Stellar has the capabilities to not only skyrocket your online presence but also provide quality marketing for any brand.

Tyler Petsch
A+++. Stellar is comprised of All Stars for your digital transformation. Covid-19 has disrupted small businesses in a way no one could have imagined. Stellar's team has stepped up and simplified the process of creating a digital footprint, increasing exposure, engaging creditable influencers, and targeted marketing for your audience. If you have been thinking about investing in your business and competing in your industry, Stellar Media Agency is best in class.

Amanda Lee
Working with Francesca is a true joy, she always arrives on time and with a smile. She is a great photographer and her live coverage of my events is always what I'm looking for. I highly recommend working with her because of her professionalism and great spirit.

Vanessa Richter
Incredible company to work with! Francesca is extremely hands-on and passionate about what she does. Our social media engagement and following has skyrocketed since Stellar has started managing it for us.

Silvia Ferrer
Stellar is the Media Agency you want to partner with. They supported the launching of my Company despite the challenges of 2020 and since then they have helped me to build up my business. Francesca and her team are very professional, creative, extremely committed and always with the best attitude. On top it's super fun working with such a talented and passionate team!

Patricia Hernandez
I highly recommend this agency for your social media needs.

Stephanie Messina

Great agency to work with, they build your company up in every way possible.

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